A compiler for a subset of Pascal (called MiniPas / MiniPascal), written in Rascal, a meta-programming language.
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A compiler for MiniPas using Rascal

  • In my compiler construction subject, we made a compiler for a language called MiniPas (a subset of Pascal) in C. It generates LLIR code from a .pas file.


  • The grammar of the langauge can be found in src/Syntax.rsc. We make some comments here.
  • Since MiniPas has notions of both functions and procedures, we refer to either as a SubProg.
  • Keywords are case insensitive but identifiers are case sensitive.


  • The grammar of MiniPas is from the course Compiler Construction in the University of Groningen. The programs in test/input for MiniPas are from this course as well.
  • The structure of the Rascal code comes from the course Software Language Engineering in the University of Groningen